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What comic is Mitchell reading in S02E01?

I’m watching Being Human (UK version, from the BBC) and I’ve noticed that in the first episode of season 2, Cure and Contagion, Mitchell is shown two times reading a comic. First at 14:43 but I don’t know how helpful it can be, then at 22:23. I don’t have the episode in HD, but I doubt that even in that way the bubbles are readable. There is practically a whole page showing tho the second time!

I’m generally not too much of a sicko for details but I love comics and this thing has been in my mind for days because it seems like something I’ve read or I know about, but I can’t figure it out. It isn’t written nowhere on the internet, nobody has already asked, so I said what the hell.
I’d really like to know this, it would be nice if anyone could help me, thanks in advance!

The screens of the two scene I was talking about:



EDIT: For whomever might care, in the second image it’s definitely Chopper - Soul on Fire. I’m guessing the comic in the first image is also something from 2000 AD, but I haven’t found exactly what.

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Man, that took me more than I thought. But still on time! Hope it is liked, this was the best idea that came out of my mind.